Sunday, January 30, 2011

Star Trek! Part ll

Ohmygosh, my friend Ara at Shilah posted this video on her blog and I was so excited!!!!!! I seriously laughed over and over and over again!!!

"Jim, if you make me say I'm a doctor not a magician I'm going to---" HAHA!!! He always mentions that he's a doctor!
"Do it do it do it!"- Jim's voice was soo funny
"I don't want to die!" Uhuurah cracks me up.
"But I'm wearing a red shirt!" Ahh Scotty ^_^

I could quote all my favourite quotes from this video, but that would mean quoting the entire video. ^_^

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Deniz said...

ahhahaha i love the russian guy and asian one too:DDD
haahah that was funny
espeshially when they get shot into a bazilion pieces, adn the black girl was like " i dont want to die", LOL