Tuesday, May 31, 2011


 I've finally started to write poems based off pictures again. Thanks!

in the sad gray mist
did the lone boat sail
with lapping waves
and silver fish
for company

the boat sailed through
tasting salt and wind
and feeling nothing but cold

the heart cried warm tears
and wiped
the frozen droplets off it

that sensation one gets
during a cold
that rough, weak feeling
with a scratchy throat
the scent of sickeness

that is what the boat felt
all alone
in sad gray mist
with lapping waves
and silver fish
for company

that is what the boat felt


Deniz said...

i love it :DDD

lostforwords101 said...
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lostforwords101 said...

Wow! I like the poem and the photo. It reminds me of someone...

I have a similar idea in my blog and I call it 'photopoetry'. Here's a sample if you would want to see...


Keep on writing and giving inspiration to write w/ your poems. :)

Roma said...

I like this! It's very good, I miss reading your poetry :)