Monday, June 6, 2011

little dancer

the ballerina left the studio
where dance meant hard work
girls throwing up to lose weight
starvation and a miserable outlook
on life
where dance wasn't what dance
was meant to be

she went to the streets
and though it was against
what her instructor said
she bought a pack of hot crisps
and ate her hunger away
she left her duffel behind the shoppe
slipped on her slippers and slid of her jacket
and then she ran
and danced on the streets
not caring if her leg wasn't straight enough
or if her pose wasn't correct
she danced
really danced
the way it was meant to be.


Elizabeth Mueller said...

Yay! I love this poem! We all should be like the girl in your poem, loving who we are and celebrating our usness! :D

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Roma said...

The true meaning of dance, it's not about the technicalities, but the passion and expression :)

lostforwords101 said...

I like this poem. It took so much courage to break free from something that chains up the spirit, but when you find that courage, it's joy and happiness that you find together w/ the bravery.

Tiff said...

luv the poem.
i used to do ballet.
then i quit cause i thought it was boring
only after i had quit, i realized how much i liked dancing freely.

Tammy said...


Milli said...

Wow. I'm constantly amazed at your poetic abilities of awesomeness C:
This is a really incredible poem. There's something really free about it.