Thursday, December 22, 2011


I'm back, haha ^_^ Read if you're a Coldplay fan!

You must know that Coldplay's going on tour and tickets are selling like wildfire. My fan crazed friend and I managed to get tickets for when they come to Atlanta in July. We've been going mental about it. Last night, we had a conversation and we were trying to say goodbye but I started using Coldplay song titles like "hope you have Yellow dreams and dream of Paradise" We came up with this great line!

‎"before Death and All His Friends find us       --me
Till they do we'll be saying Viva La Vida"      --Niharika 
"we'll never see the Sleeping Sun
Life in Technicolour is too good to let go"      --me

We agreed that it was by far the best conversation ever. I was telling her not to get into Trouble and she asked if I would Fix (me) is she did. I told her we'd be Moving to Mars and getting Postcards From Far Away. Here, I might as well show you (^_^)

I'm in blue and my brilliant, freaking awesome friend is in purple.

hey I've gotta goooo now.  bedtime and finals tomorrow
goodnight and sweet Yellow dreams.


tomorrow you'll see Violet Hills


and dream Till Kingdom Come

Go to sleep at the Speed of Sound

and Talk to you tomorrow
stay out of Trouble until then
I hope you dream of Paradise

If I do get into to Trouble, will you Fix Me?
If not, Every Teardrop Will Be a Waterfall
And only a Scientist can stop my tears

we'll be Moving to Mars if you get in Trouble
and we'll be getting Postcards from Far Away
I hope we don't get Lost

We'll have to check our Clocks to know where we are

Yes (that's actually a song)
before Death and All His Friends find us
from Mars we'll tell everyone How We See The World

Till they do we'll be saying Viva La Vida

(whoa, great line)

we'll never see the Sleeping Sun
Life in Technicolour is too good to let go

We'll be able to see it In My Place and in your place

See You Soon

All the capitalised bits are song titles by Coldplay. It doesn't make sense but if you peice it together it does. You'll see the awesome quote in there. Haha

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Euphoria13 said...

Aww! Hi Kirthi!

Lol, I don't know if you remember me! This post is so cute! I was so lucky to get Coldplay tickets last year when they went ton sale! I saw them last Friday! Here in Miami! The best night of my life! <3