Thursday, January 5, 2012

hair loss sucks

One year ago, (close your eyes and picture this): A thick head of hair. So thick it's a lions main. Normal hairties struggle to hold it together. I can't do certain hairstyles because my hair is too thick.

Today: 80% gone and falling out in clumps

Reason: Hypothyiod

Conviction: Continue to fall until at least 6 months of proper treatment

Reaction: I. am. screwed

The hell am I supposed to show up to school nearly bald?! Should I shave it off, and ask permission to wear a hat? I mean, I've always wanted to shave my head off. But as a teen, hair is self-esteem. If you've got hair, your set. If you haven't: What is wrong with you?

Hair= self confidence. Victory, Power. Awesome

No Hair= lack of confidence, you feel like a loser, total humiliation, fu**ing awful.



Julia said...

It'll grow back eventually-hang in there. Try anti-dandruff shampoo(selsun-esque stuff) and braid your hair more often.

angelosam123 said...

thanks for suggest the treatment of hair loss...
Hair loss

Roma said...

Kirthi, I am so sorry :( I can't imagine how it must feel to lose so much hair. I understand where you are coming from when you say hair is confidence booster. But I think, it's more important to be self confident aside from you looks. Even though you are losing hair, be confident in your struggle, show people that you are strong, and cannot be shaken, and that though you are dealing with all these problems, you will get through.

By the way, how are you doing with all of that lately? Sorry, I haven't had time to keep up with blogs until now. Keep strong, Kirthi! :)

Tiff said...

Wow, Kirthi. I can still remember when I first found out I had epilepsy. I was embarrassed when I had two seizures in school. Of course, my situation was different than yours. But, I was mortified to go to school the next day. Be confident, Kirthi. Your friends will support you. And those that don't are not your friends. Be proud of who you are. Hair is not the only thing that shows how awesome you are. It's your personality. Be happy. Continue being the Kirthi I know.
I hope your situation gets better. Whenever you feel down, remember there are people out there that are supporting you 100%!