Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Cunning Ham

Don't you think Cunningham is an awesome name? I think so too, so I dedicated a super short piece about it. Thanks Rachel :D

I'm a cunning ham, and I have come to haunt you for eating me! Yes, I'm a ghost you dimwit, and I want to EAT you! No, I don't mean it! I'm a ghost, it's physically impossible! drat, I gave it away....hmm....OH YES! I shall cook you in a pot and make someone ELSE eat you!
What no! I'm not going to spare your carnivorous life! You filthy meat eater! Hey! Where are you going? Holy water! NOOO!!! You cunning, beefy man!! I admire you, hey how about we compromise? I have a lot in mind for us----FHOOSH!
"That was a close one" said the ham-eater, "Mwhaha!"

If anyone has some other cool last names that I can write about, please tell me!


Iryna said...

It's funny you mention "Cunningham" being a cool name because the head librarian of the Teen department at my library is Lisa Cunningham. She's German . . . I think.

Kirthi said...

Haha, that's so ironic! I'll never forget that name now. :)