Monday, May 31, 2010

Help + Challenge for Photographers and Video-people

(above is a video I took in a quick summer storm that occurred a few hours ago)

  • Computer-y people
  • Video-people
  • Photographers
  • Artists

In my current novel, Song of the Lost, it's all based on the environment and life around us. I've been taking videos and pictures of my neighborhood to describe and to help with my writing.

I need help though. My suburban home isn't a forest or a rocky seashore, so if you guys live in those beautiful wood-surrounded houses, or those scenic beach houses, would you kindly take a video or picture and send it to me? Or if you can draw a picture or image that will help?

I'll dig up some prizes if you want and if I find some. I'll more likely ship at the beginning of July or sometime then. I have a lot of contests planned and I'm poor at the moment, so shipping will be..unavailable for a while.

SO, to cap up what I need....

  • Earth
  • Grass
  • Stones + Rocks
  • Water (i love water)
  • Rain
  • Storms
  • Trees
  • Twilight skies
And anything you can come up with that involves the landscape of Ireland. My story takes place on a rocky, jagged island in Ireland.

  • Photos
  • Videos
  • Drawings
Thanks so much everyone!


L. Diane Wolfe said...

I can help with some of that! I'm a professional photographer by trade and upload my 'creative' stuff to community site Deviant Art - Browse through the images and let me know if there's any you need to download. (I disabled downloads on the site - too many people stealing my photos.) But I have a lot of what you are seeking on that site - search through my gallery!

Priya said...

There are TONS of parks and trails near my house... I should be able to take a couple videos or pictures for you, but it will have to wait until the end of June. Should I just send them to you after I take them?

Julia said...

Hey there,

I happen to live in a neighborhood surrounded by trees, deer, and coyotes. Our neighborhood in itself does have two or three hiking trails that are extremely scenic. Most of the pictures on my blog, if not all, were taken on hikes on those trails or some other ones in Austin. If you want anything more specific, let me know.

And I think I just might make your day and be your 100th follower. :)

Marianne said...

Hey, I might be able to help! First of all, my mom loves photography, so we have tons of pictures of the beach and woods and stuff. Second of all, my cousin is a REALLY good photographer (you should check out her blog: the fantasmagorical photo blog) so she probably has some pics. And finally, my grandfather is a photographer, and he actually went to Ireland! So I'll see what I can do :)