Sunday, August 15, 2010

Scary Star

Another Story of my ?Paranoia?
Last night, as usual, I turned all the lights off, turned on my flashlight, found my bed, and settled in (after turning off the flashlight) My bed is next to a window, so I look out into the seemingly cloudless sky. It's all a little blurry because I took my glasses off.
And there, there's this sparkly star-like thing in the sky. I think it might be a news helicopter or something, but to make sure, I put my glasses on and peek out at it. It's a star, one star in the sky, shining so bright, brighter than the moon. Wanna know what I thought?

"I'm going to die". The star, in my imagination, seemed to be moving, hurling towards Earth. There were scattered bolts of lightning, I think, and once, I blinked at the star and lightning struck, very fast. And I thought the world has been hit by a dying star and that it was the end of the world. And that I really wanted to be with my parents.
I closed my eyes and thought of tomorrow. The promising brightness of tomorrow. This night isn't any different than last night, I thought. I closed my eyes, and tried. I was sweating crazy with fear and it took everything I had not to look at the star.
Scary, right? Scary star. I think it might've been the North star, I'm uncertain, but that moment, like all my previous apocalyptic dreams, made me appreciate my life and family more than ever.

I want to thank you all for your answers on my "Death" post. I asked my Dad and he said, "I just collapsed. I thought I could've done something to save him, that I should've done something." on the subject of my Grandpa's death.

So yeah. I've become more morbid, sorry. I'll write more happier posts! ^_^


Anonymous said...

The same thing happened to me last year. I saw a bright twinkling star in the sky and it FREAKED me OUT. My family was laughing their heads off while I ran around in paranoia.

Rose said...

that's weird....i have thoughts like that too during the night, but more of noises and other such "possibilities." i find solice in delilah though...=)

that's great that you asked your dad! great answer.

see you tomorrow! hasta luego!

The Golden Eagle said...

I sometimes freak out about things like that too. I'll be like "That could be the end of Earth! We need to DO something!" which we do, but certainly not at the drastic scale my mind sometimes thinks of. :P

Roma said...

hmm...i have a different take on stars. since we live in such a world were the sky is polluted..i love it when i am able to see the sky clearly, especially at night. for me stars are bright twinkling stars of possibly that make everything bad about life so much brighter. and i am always able to think of the future and all the great things when i see stars. I don't know why, but for me, they are so inspirational. Haha, as for lightning...I love lighnting especially when it flashes when the sky is pitch looks so cool...haha sorry, I'm weird like that XD :) There's another side to stars and lightning! :P

Roma said...

hahahah, so alike yet so different XD